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DIL/NetPC DNP/5280: eCos Starter Kit SK16E

The DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 eCos Embedded Configurable Operating System Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with your Motorola MCF528x ColdFire- and eCos-based based embedded networking application. The starter kit includes a DNP/5280 module with a pre-installed RedBoot boot loader for eCos, the evaluation board DNP/EVA6, power supply, serial interface (nullmodem) cable, two CD-ROMs with software and documentation and a printed user manual for the first steps with the starter kit.


The pre-installed RedBoot boot loader is a complete bootstrap and debug environment for embedded systems based on the eCos hardware abstraction layer. RedBoot allows download and execution of embedded applications via serial or ethernet, including embedded Linux and eCos applications. It can be used for both product development (debug support) and in deployed products (flash update and network booting).

For using the DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 eCos Starter Kit you need a Windows- or Linux-based PC development system. The minimal configuration for this system is a Windows-based PC with the HyperTerminal terminal emulation program and a free COM port (COM1, COM2 or USB-based COMx) for the RS232 serial link between the DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 and HyperTerminal. For using the Ethernet link, your PC needs an Ethernet adapter with 10 Mbps or 10/100 Mbps LAN interface. The highly configurable nature of eCos allows the operating system to be customised to precise application requirements, delivering the best possible run-time performance and an optimised hardware resource footprint.

DIL/NetPC DNP/5280: eCos Starter Kit Key Features

eCos for the DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 consists of two main components: 1. RedBoot boot loader and 2. the eCos O/S image file. RedBoot is pre-installed in the DNP/5280 FLASH. A TFTP-based file transfer allows the eCos image file download to the DNP/5280 memory.

  • DIL/NetPC DNP/5280 with 66 MHz Motorola MCF528x ColdFire and Firmware in FLASH, 3.3 VDC Vcc
  • RedBoot Boot Loader for eCos pre-installed in FLASH
  • Evaluation Board DNP/EVA6
  • Nullmodem Cable
  • 110 VAC or 230 VAC to 5 VDC International Power Supply
  • CD-ROM with User Manual and Hardware/Programmers Manuals
  • eCosCentric CD-ROM with eCos, Tool Chain and Documentation
  • GNU Cross Tool Chain for C Software Development
  • Many Sourcecode Samples

DIL/NetPC DNP/5280: eCos Starter Kit Ordering Information

Ordercode Product
DNP/SK16E eCos Starterkit with DNP/5280, DNP/EVA6, CD-ROM with GNU Cross Tool Chain and Null-Modemcable.

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